A downloadable game

Help people around town or don't. It's your choice but whatever you do there are moral implications.

Enter a thriving city with cars, pedestrians, and a few people who could do with help. 

Choose to help pedestrians and play a minigame to earn yourself some Goodboy Points. 

Do bad things around the city and see all those goodboy points go away.


WASD to move

Mouse movement to rotate 

Space to jump

E to interact 

Right Click to equip and unequip a picked up item

Left Click to use an equiped item

Group Leader:
- Angharad Hill (https://overahill.itch.io/)

- Angharad Hill (https://overahill.itch.io/)
- Hallam Rear (https://hallamrear.itch.io/)
- Taylor Fahy
- Harry Watts
- John  Whiles (https://sirbob809.itch.io/)

Install instructions

Unzip into a folder, run the .exe


CityLiving.zip 32 MB

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